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lawsuits fucking christ fucking wall functionality improvements fundamentalist church of jesus fundamentalist church of jesus christ fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day funny things gap Gay Marriage gaza strip generation gap genocide george mitchell george pataki George Soros george w bush Georgia georgia congressman gerry adams gesture gist Glenn Beck god Goldwater good friday good friday agreement good paying jobs GOP gop majority GOP Politics government senators governmental interference gps grade reading level grameen bank grandmother gravel hall of famer Health Care hearsay hell hell haven high school diploma hilary clinton hildale ut hip hop songs historians history of public broadcasting hoarders holiday weekend holocaust homeland security homosexuals honesty hotel in cancun hotel in cancun mexico house of representatives household hammers household name http www youtube huffingtonpost human beings Humor Identity Politics Idiocy impressive string incumbency 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new york times new york times online News news media news source news ticker newt gingrich no doubt nobel peace prize nobel peace prize winners nobel prize winner northern ireland npr programs nsa nuclear missile nuclear warhead nukewatch nyfd NYTimes o reilly factor obama occupant odds oil prices One Nation United opacity Op-Ed open communication Opinion poll Osama bin Laden palestine palestinian militants palestinian residents palestinian suicide bombers Palin paramilitary groups paris jail party leaders Party politics pastors pat robertson Paul Krugman Paul McKinley Paul Ryan pbs peace activists peace prize winners peeps pensylvania personal service personal trainers personnel entry Peter Lewis petition PEW Forum pew research center plaintiff pledge Pledge to America poignant words police officers Policy political action committees political cartoon political circles political clubs political discourse political junkie Political media Political Satire political science political strategists political views politicians Politics Politics Popular Vote portrait of the artist portrait of the artist as a young man power structure pownce precipice premises president ahmadinejad president bush president george w bush President Obama President-elect presidential election presidential succession primaries privilege professional basketball property destruction protestant groups psychological differences psychology today Public Education public radio stations publicity stunt push polling Putin quotation marks racial animosity racial epithets Racism rafael palmeiro rantings Rants rational explanation rats Reagan recent poll redress of grievances regaining control Religion religious aspect religious base religious belief Religious Knowledge religious politics republican candidate republican caucus republican leadership republican opposition republican party republican party nomination republican politicians Republican Revolution republican takeover republicans research group resisting arrest revisionist theory rhetoric Rick Sanchez rightful owners rigoberta menchu roger clemens roids rollback ron paul Ronald Reagan rudy Rudy Giuliani Russia s union sad statement sage sake sanctity Sarah Palin Science sean hannity westboro baptist church fred phelps ame section 8 housing senate senate majority leader senator bob dole senator clinton senator ernie chambers senator from tennessee senator obama separation of church and state September 11 2001 attacks sesame street shirin ebadi Shooting sinn fein Site News size of israel skull slew slim majority slug Smoking social applications Social Commentary Social Conservatism Social Conservative social experience Social Media Social Media social networks southerners spaz Special Interest Groups Spending Cuts spin spoof Sports Sports spread death Squarespace stagnation Starbucks Starbucks state of israel state senator statesman steam Stephen Colbert stereotypes steroids in baseball steve hall steve prefontaine 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