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About Me:

I am an online marketing specialist for 2nd Story Software, the makers of TaxACT. I have more than 5 years of experience running online advertising campaigns of all kinds. I also have experience with social media platform integration, copy writing, client relations, customer relations, press relations, search engine optimization and I dabble in web design (and I do mean dabble, I know enough to be dangerous).

My educational background is in history and political science, in which I hold a degree from the University of Iowa (double major with a minor in Religion). I was an occasional contributor to the CreepySleepy Podcast and I am a regular contributor to the recently relaunched, as well as being a blogger for

My focus in my career is finding a convergence between traditional and new marketing, including, but not limited to, social media marketing, direct consumer engagement and new media creation.



  • 2nd Story Software: Online Marketing Specialist
  • Research/Marketing Specialist
  • Heritage Microfilm: Archival Preservation Sales & Marketing


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